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A Diversity and Inclusion Calendar for your Workplace

The 2020 Multicultural Calendar is titled "Traditions Honouring the Earth." Everything in nature is made up of five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Being a part of Nature, we are ourselves an expression of these five attributes. From time immemorial, human beings have used these elements in their rituals and ceremonies. Social, ritual and festive practices may help to mark the passing of the seasons, events in the agricultural calendar or the stages of a personís life. They are closely linked to a communityís worldview and perception of its own history and memory. Different parts of the world have different beliefs and rules that maintain their religion and culture. Though not all religions follow the same practices, there are some similarities between most of them. This edition of the calendar hopes to show common threads of how these five elements are interwoven between cultures in our present time.

The 27
th edition continues to grow in popularity with corporations, universities, banks, hospitals, social service agencies and the government. This unique and informative 2020 Diversity Calendar incorporates hundreds of multifaith, multicultural and diversity related holidays and observances.

Support your message of Diversity and use this calendar

  • As your company calendar
  • To give to your clients to support your message
  • As giveaways at conventions and career fairs
  • To present to speakers
  • As an appreciation gift to participants in diversity initiative workshops
  • For managers and heads of departments to increase their awareness
  • For fundraising

Pick or mix your calendars

  • Wall Calendar
  • Desk Top ( English and Bilingual: English/French)
  • Yearly Wall Planner Poster
  • Electronic Diversity Calendar for Corporate Intranet. (Available in English, French, and Spanish) Download into Microsoft Outlook; Sharepoint, PDF
  • Compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.


  • Accurate dates with explanations for each of the world's twelve major religions and the cultural festivals of most ethnic groups in North America.
  • Religions: Aboriginal Peoples, Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jain, Jewish, Shinto, Sikh, Wicca and Zoroastrian.
  • Cultural Festivals of over 140 countries including Afro Canadian/American, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Caribbean, China, Denmark, United Kingdom, Egypt and many more.
  • Heritage Months for USA, Canada and UK