Electronic Calendar

Make diversity an important part of your organizationís initiative with the Online Multicultural Calendar placed anywhere on your intranet. Access to employees 24/7. No IT required.

Customize the Electronic calendar with your Company Logo, your CEOís diversity message and add your company related dates. You can further customize it by adding custom cover, changing background colour, fonts and company images.

Online Calendar Features

Available in 3 languages: English, French, Spanish

  • No installation required.
  • Option to download events onto your Microsoft Outlook, , Sharepoint, Google and PDF formats.
  • Additional 15% discounts for 3-year subscriptions
  • Can be viewed by any computer including Windows, Mac or any other system.
  • 12-month grid lists the holy days and cultural festivals
  • Each event is colour-coded to indicate a Schedule Alert day, Cultural event and/or Religious day
  • Pop-up windows with explanations of each observance
  • Index to reference religions, holidays and countries for easy cross-referencing
  • Enable/Disable Events Offers the ability to filter out events that do not apply to the subscriber's country or chosen religion(s).
  • Manage reminders for events allows client administrators keep their organization well-informed about important upcoming events.
  • Search button provides easy access to information
  • Add Custom Dates (Option) Add your own organization-specific events to the multicultural calendar.
  • To conform with the Disabilities Act standard, the text can now be read by the visually impaired and it includes a "non-frames" version
  • Customization options see below

Customization $200: (Option) Customize your online calendar with your company logo and diversity message of your CEO/Human Resource Director.

Super Customization $500 (Option)

Includes customization option listed above, PLUS:

  • Add your own company images instead of our artwork.
  • Change the background colour to give a custom look and feel of your company.

Embeddable Daily Events Widget


This attractive widget can be easily integrated directly into your intranet using a copy/paste HTML code that we will provide to you. The appearance of the widget can be customized to fit seamlessly into the existing design of your website. Clients have reported an exponential increased cultural awareness of their employees.

Electronic and paper discounts options are available. Additional 15% discounts when Electronic and Paper Calendars are bundled together

Educational Institutions such as Colleges and Universities are offered nearly 50% off the retail price.

Need a quote?

The pricing of the electronic calendar is based on the number of employees who will have access to your intranet. Give us an approximate number of units and we will be able to give you a more accurate quote. Write to [email protected]

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