Affiliate Program
Promote diversity with the Affiliate program


Become an affiliate. Spread the word about Multicultural Calendar to your clients and friends and support diversity in the workplace, colleges, universities, places of worship and including every home in our country. What a great way to share such valuable information that is much needed in our world today! We offer a 25% commission on calendar products, so the money you earn can be significant. Get your business associates involved. If you have an Affiliate sign up under you, they will earn a 25% commission, and you will earn 10% from their sales that you referred indirectly for all products.


When you register as an Affiliate you will receive a unique URL (a line of code) to link from your website. If you don't have a homepage, you can either use a link or a banner ad to promote the Conference. If you only have an email address, great, because you can add the link into your emails, newsletters, blogs, Facebook and Twitter. We will provide you with the promotional material. When your friends click on that link it takes them to our site where they can purchase the calendars. Once they register, your commissions begin. The system has a memory, so if your referral comes back to our site at another time and purchases an item, you will continue to receive a commission even for a year or two.


Once you are registered as an Affiliate, you will be given a link where you can check anytime and find out how much you have earned in commissions. Once you reach a minimum of $100 in commissions, a check will be mailed out monthly or through Paypal.


We provide banners of different sizes on our Affiliate banner page. We can also provide you copy that you may use to advertise and promote the calendars. The banners will be updated annually. You may also take copy from our newsletters to share with your email list, and be sure to add your link. We are available to support you with additional information to help you communicate to your network.

Before you sign-up, please read the steps outlined below. It will make the process very smooth for you.

Step 1

Become a New Customer

If you do not have a customer account, sign up for one New Customer Sign up .

Type in your email address and Create a password (must be at least 6 characters).

Next page Enter Shipping information. Press Enter. You are now on My Account Page.

Step 2.

Become an Affiliate

Click on this link to become an affiliate . Fill in your website and Tax ID#.

Click Continue button. The next page says “You are now able to access your Affiliate account.

Step 3.

Access your Account and get the Affiliate link

Click on this link to take you to your Affiliate page . My Account in the footer of the page. It takes you to My Account Page.

Under Advertising Tool, you can get banners. Under Helpful Reminders , you can find your referral link which looks like this:

Anyone who visits your referral link will be tracked, and you will get credit. Place your link anywhere: In e-mails, banner ads, on your website, etc and earn money while sharing this conference with your friends.


Go to and log in if prompted.